T.D. Allman, Finding Florida:
Salty Scribe
‘Finding Florida: The True History of the Sunshine State’

My Friend Dr. Norman Wall:
Lunch With Norm
The Chemistry of Friendship: My Lunches With Norman
Fellowship honors Heathrow doctor

The Rise and Fall and Rise of Alan Grayson:
The “Old Grayson”: He’s Back
Alan Grayson Isn’t Taking Any Crap From Anyone
Grayson Defying Convention in Fla.
Alan Grayson: Democrat attack dog
Alan Grayson: The Counter-Puncher
An Anti-War Challenge to Obama in 2012: The Case for Alan Grayson
Daniel Webster Beats Incumbent Alan Grayson in Florida’s 8th District
Lessons Learned, Grayson’s Back
For Webster, a Silent Role
Alan Grayson, Jewish Democrat, Rides Hispanic Support Back to Washington
Mr. Grayson Salsas Back to Washington
Best Laid Plans

Religion and Popular Culture:
COMMENTARY: NBC’s ‘Save Me’ may need rescuing
The Reader, the Evangelists, and the Wardrobe
TV’s Leap of Faith

Evangelicals and Politics:
Mitt Romney and a Broadway Show on Mormonism From the ‘South Park’ Crew
Mike Huckabee: Hometown Heavyweight
Florida Homeless Advocates Claim 1st Amendment Right to Meet, Eat in Park
Vox Populi, Vox Dei?
Jews, Evangelicals: Analyzing the Vote

Evangelicals and Environmentalism:
The Greening of Jesus

Teflon Televangelists

Books (with T.D. Allman, Unfinished Business entry):
Cobalt Blue: Kundalini for Dummies?

Religion and International Affairs:
Libya and Iraq: Two Ways of Opposing a Tyrant — but One Stole the Nation’s Pride
When Long Tradition Gives Way to Venom
Column: Could Catholic leader usher in a new Cuba?

Touring Turkey’s Synagogues

Take me out to the béisbol game
The Wonders Of Yucatan
Mystery of the Maya
A Yucatan Fantasy Unfolds In Jungle
Ancient secrets of brilliant but mysterious Maya
In the Yucatan, Three Roadside Eco-Attractions
Off the Beaten Track in the Yucatan
Small Yucatan Inlet Is Microcosm for Snorkelers
Contoy Island in Mexico Is Place for Bird Lovers
Trust Me On This : No Happy Ending
Hotel Mayaland Seems Like Set of Exotic Movie
National Agenda : Caution: Some Mexico Tollways Paved in Gold

North Carolina:
Where Ava Grew Up : Mark I. Pinsky
OLE, BULLS : Durham Loves Team, Its Intimate Ballpark
Modern Durham Retains Home-Field Advantage

Miami’s Bayside Marketplace Is All About Eating
A 12th-Century puzzle on the Dixie Highway

Thanks to Bill, Hot Springs is hot once again
Soaking Up a Little History at Hot Spring Spas

Ted Bundy’s Death Closes Chapter, but Not Wounds
James Hood: Charting Fall From Golden O.C. Lifestyle to Lurid Trial 

Craft and Commerce: Moshe the Bookseller Tikkun Magazine, May/June 2002
Brothers Of The Air December 24, 1995
Tag-Along Brother Finishes Ahead of the Political Field November 06, 1986
COCOONING : Climbing Into Our Comfortable Little World Was Easy; Now That the Baby’s Here, Do We Really Want to Fly Out? April 02, 1988
A Home Place Provides an Escape HatchJuly 04, 1986