My Recent Podcast Episode of Tenfold More Wicked Presents Wicked Words

Jan 26, 2023

wicked words

I’m thrilled to share that I was recently featured on the popular podcast Tenfold More Wicked Presents Wicked Words. In each episode, host Kate Winkler Dawson takes her listeners on a gruesome trip through history with a unique blending of narrative non-fiction storytelling, investigative journalism, and in-depth interviewing. Ultimately, she shares the stories behind the stories, digging deep into the best true crime cases.

My Episode of Tenfold More Wicked Presents Wicked Words

For my episode, we discuss the complicated story of a double murder, as investigated in my book Drifting Into Darkness: Murder, Madness, Suicide, and a Death “Under Suspicious Circumstances.” A wealthy, philanthropic couple in Montgomery, Alabama was brutally murdered, and their son was the main suspect. But was he being controlled by someone else?

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